Lightware MX12X12DVI


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MX12x12DVI-Slim is today’s smallest and lightest DVI matrix switchers that offer 12 Inputs and 12 Outputs. The 1.2 inch depth, aluminum alloy body and fan-less design makes it ideal for many space and noise sensitive applications. In space constrained systems, the matrices can even be mounted behind other rack-mounted equipment.

The frames are equipped with gold plated screw-locking DVI connectors, dust-proof and also lockable Neutrik Ethercon and high current Speakon power connectors which ensure a robust connection at all times. All outputs supply 500 mA continuous current on DVI +5 V pin to power long distance fiber optical transmitters like Lightware DVI-OPT-TX110.

MX9x9DVI-Slim, MX12x12DVI-Slim and MX16x16DVI-Slim incorporate +12 dB input cable equalization that allows using up to 20 meter DVI cables even on highest resolutions. Thanks to the switchers‘ non-blocking architecture, any input can be switched to any or more outputs without switching delay or frame latency.

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